Hi, I'm Margaux Pelen. I am currently serving as the Chief Operating Officer at CodeControl.io, a future of work company.


I've also been an independent consultant specialised on adult Education and New Work since 2014 and started the Learning Studio, a boutique collective of freelancers-educators.

I am currently serving as the Chief Operating Officer of a Berlin-based startup crafting the future of work: CodeControl. Since 2014, I am also an independent consultant with an entrepreneurial and edtech expertise. I founded the Learning Studio, a European collective of freelancers-educators. We work to design, test, and implement new education offers and services for the 4th Industrial Revolution.



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Embracing tomorrow's opportunities through new education offers.

Our world is evolving fast and faces serious challenges, yet some new opportunities emerge in the process. As our economy evolves, new jobs emerge and corresponding new trainings can constitute a solid bridge towards them.


By designing the necessary training programs, I want to equip individuals with the right mindset, attitude, and skillset.


INspiration & Research

From community spaces in one of Colombia's former slums to guilds organisation in the 15th century, inspiration comes from various and unexpected places. I've travelled to 10+ countries to learn from how technology and education mingle, studying the simplest yet most efficient technologies like SMS or radio.

In parallel, I also constantly look into existing models to approach short lifelong learning programs to support individual who want to upskill on latest and most-demanded skill.


I have been curating a shared database. Feel free to share more of them!​



Projects & Collaborations

Consulting and building

I have been working in Education since 2014 - both as an entrepreneur, consultant, and advisor.


I collaborate with new education providers or companies to design, test, and launch new  meaningful learning experiences. Some of my clients:

Training and speaking



I started a series of Entrepreneurial Talks for HEC Paris and Google with top French entrepreneurs in 2012 and launched and run the "Entrepreneurial Bootcamp" for the Center for Interdisciplinary Research's Edtech Master Program (Paris) in 2017 and 2018. I also design and run custom trainings myself in the field of "New Work" and "New Learning" to help organisations take a pulse with those trends.


What I learned from hacking the hardware capital of the world

It was the summer of 2015, and I was standing in the middle of a factory floor around Shenzhen, China. I handed David, the factory manager, my business card. It read: Margaux Pelen, Prototype Chief Officer at LearningScan. ...

Stack of CDs

Are MOOCs the digital albums of education?

From standard education to “marginal learning” - “Once upon a time, there were physical CDs. The order of each song mattered, for the album was often played as an uninterrupted piece. Then came the computer and music became digital...

Experience sharing - Remote work: 10 DOs and DON’Ts!

In order to reduce the spread of coronavirus (and practise social distancing), many teams are invited to work remotely. For the majority of them, it means working from home and for too many of them, it means suddenly ending up in your kitchen - slightly confused...

Speaking and Moderating:

Some recent talks:

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